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The Law Offices of C. Shawn Jones is committed to helping you solve your legal problems and issues.

I fight to protect your interests and legal rights if you are sued. When you have a dispute, I work hard to get you the best possible resolution, usually trying negotiation first but never shying away from litigation if needed.

I make sure you are treated fairly when your taxes are audited. My legal services help you establish or sell a business. I review real estate contracts to make buying, selling, and leasing property easier.

My expertise in wills and estate planning ensures your assets go to the people or entities you wish.

My goal is to resolve your legal problems as quickly, fairly and effectively as possible. I am a lawyer who has been doing just that for more than 15 years.

Please call my law offices in Evanston at (847) 475-1700 to discuss how I can help you. I am located at 708 Church Street, Suite 235 in downtown Evanston. You may also email me at