Your Real Estate Lawyer in Evanston, IL

I’ve helped people and businesses buy and sell real estate for more than 12 years.

Purchasing a family home can be exciting – and at times, overwhelming. Real estate contracts are full of old-fashioned terms and modern legalese that have many people calling for a translator.

I’ll make sure you understand what the documents you are signing mean, help you avoid common problems, and answer your questions in a straightforward manner to help make your real estate closing smoother and easier.

Taking the stress out of the biggest purchase most people make is one of the things I do best.

I also make it easier for you to buy or sell property for a business or an investment. I review and prepare leases and other rental agreements. And I help you resolve real estate tax issues so you are treated fairly.

When you have a legal problem involving real estate, I am a level-headed counselor and a strong advocate for your interests.

Lawsuits are filed over the use of real estate, sales and transfers, property lines, eminent domain, contracts, earnest money, easements, construction, disputes with contractors, and much more.

I will explain the legal and practical issues of your case to you, then work to get the best possible resolution.

Many legal questions can be resolved through negotiation or direct demand. When these solutions make sense, I’ll pursue them.

When they don’t – or when they fail – I will take your issue to court and fight hard for you, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant.

To discuss your real estate needs with me, please call my law offices in Evanston at 847-475-1700. Our offices are located at 708 Church Street in downtown Evanston. You may also email me at